Who we are

Orfeo XXI was created in 2008 and since then has invested in the following areas:

The company has a team of experts with over 30 years of direct professional experience in hedge fund strategies.

The character of our investment strategy does not have time-enforcement for the outflow of the investments and that these, once they meet the ethical code required, can be carried out both in Spain and abroad and in any sector, as primary, as industrial or service.

Traded Markets Investment

Given our investment style, which is aimed at achieving absolute returns and to preserve the value of our investments, all our stock positions are characterized by a historical volatility below the average of the markets where the stock trades.

Our goals for risk versus returns are always below twice of that of the portfolio models, which in turn are based on indexes that compose them.

Over 90% of our positions are direct positions, that is, in the target companies, leaving 10% for investments through mutual funds.

In the case of indirect investments, through investment funds, they are always positions of trust in the managers thereof.

The average turnover in our portfolio is less than two, indicating that most of our positions are strategic positions.

Our goals for equity preservation prevents us from doing daily trading.

The financial advisory is carried out by Orfeo Capital, which includes the same professionals as Orfeo XXI. Orfeo Capital EAFI is registered with the Securities Market Commission (CNMV) with the number 214.