Shareholding in Private Equity

Orfeo XXI invests primarily in technology companies with high potential for growth and international expansion.

Generally, Orfeo XXI invests acquiring a majority or controlling shareholding position, and is involved actively in the daily management, providing expertise in internationalization and expansion of our entire team.

We value that the company has a leading product and which in turn can supplement it with a differentiated service, with product presence being a necessary requirement for our investment.

We tend to accompany the company in its capital follow ups, so that our presence ensures the viability of the investment project towards the future.

Arsys Internet (divested)

Company dedicated to Internet hosting and domain registration. Spanish leader by its market share and strategic positioning.

At first the majority was sold to two private equity funds, Carlyle and Mercapital, and on a second time, the entire company was sold to the European leader in this market, 1&1 (United Internet).


Company created in 1999 and dedicated to creating and distributing high quality curricular digital content.

Educaline is a publisher of digital educational content that provides technological tools and methodological solutions for the integration of ICT in the classroom. Educaline is a Spanish multinational, with its production of multimedia content based in Bogota and with other branches strategically placed throughout Latin America.

Currently, Educaline carries out the integration of their digital content and its teacher training program in hundreds of public educational institutions of Peru. Thanks to collaboration agreements established with the different country regions, the publisher has implemented its educational solutions in more than a thousand classrooms, with about 250,000 users in the country.

It is currently in the process of expansion in Latin America, with presence in Spain, United Kingdom, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Panama and Chile.


GNOSS is a proprietary software platform for building specialized online social networks, which have a dynamic semantic publishing. GNOSS integrates knowledge management, informal learning and collaborative work in an environment of Linked Data.

GNOSS works on technologies and standards of the semantic web, which allows structuring and linking all types of content, among them and with other open-data (Linked Data), as well as reinforce and extend the processes of knowledge management with faceted searches and generation documentaries and personal information for specific contexts.


Digital Assets Deployment is the first business incubator for Internet and Technology 2.0 of Spain, with presence in Europe, USA, China and Latin America, which supports entrepreneurs to conduct their business through the concept of Seed Capital. System based on the initial financial contribution to the project selected in the start-up phase, so you can develop the main activities of the initiation process and implementation.

Spiral Project (divested)

Company dedicated to the management, administration and commercial exploitation of research and market studies. Management, leadership, organization and commercial exploitation of congresses, fairs and professional meetings. Editing, publication and subsequent management of intellectual property rights.

DMR (divested)

DMR is a company dedicated to the creation and distribution of software to third parties under license from Genexus.

ideas4all (divested)

Spanish company that owns the largest network of ideas. It is the place where people with ideas can share them; they can change someone's life or even change the world. The space where people in need can find a solution sailing between all the shared ideas.

Polyphonic HMI

Company resident in the United Kingdom, dedicated to artificial intelligence and focused on the music industry.

Concentrates its activities in the exploitation of a system based on a mathematical algorithm developed by the company product, to predict future hit songs. It is aimed at new writers and not so novice as well as record companies.


Resident company in Morocco, which is dedicated to promoting tourism real estate (hotels, apartments and single family detached houses), through the acquisition of land, the implementation of projects and the sale of assets.